Who We Are

Bloom By Lovlie was created by our CEO Lupita Oseguera (@lovlielupe) who always had a passion for bringing out the beauty in people; whether it be as a makeup artist or delivering quality fashion wear. The concept of our brand originated from empowering women. We feel good when we look good and confidence blooms with that special new piece that just completes the outfit. It can be a sassy top like our "Cute But Fierce Top" or a statement jewelry, for example, "Luxe Life Earrings". We hope to bring out women's confidence so that they bloom into their best self. Also, our focus is to bring awareness to environmental and animal preservation. Our founder has a great love of animals and wishes to help in anyway possible by giving to charities 10% of the purchases. One of Lupita's favorite charities is the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). Our "Essence Bracelet" is a direct contribution to the charity. Bloom By Lovlie is expanding and with that growth we will continue to help these causes. Stay tuned to our blog posts to see further changes that Bloom By Lovlie is incorporating to make our Boutique more environmentally aware.



Team Bloom